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Pot, Limit, and No Limit Hold EmPPG's Pot, Limit, and No Limit Hold Em

There are three kinds of Hold'em games. The difference between Pot, Limit, and No Limit Hold Em poker is:

Limit Hold Em
In Limit games, bets and raises are set at a fixed amount. A typical limit game would be $3/$6 ($6 minimum bet for the first two rounds, and $12 minimum for the last two rounds.) The big blind would be equal to the minimum bet ($6) and the small blind would be half the minimum bet ($3). Each round of betting is capped at a maximum number of raises, depending on the rules of the game. In online Hold'em games, raises are generally capped at four bets per round. New players will start with low-limit games and gradually work their way up to higher limits as their skill progresses.

No Limit Hold Em
In No Limit (NL) Hold'em, the maximum bet is determined by the number of chips you have in front of you. Players can bet and raise by any amount, and at any time, a player can go "all-in" by pushing all their chips toward the center of the table. To call, the other players at the table must push in all of their chips, up to the amount of their opponent's all-in bet. This is the type of Hold'em that is played on the pro level, and on TV shows such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker.

Pot Limit Hold Em
Pot Limit (PL) Hold'em is similar to No Limit, except that the maximum bet is determined by the number of chips currently in the pot. This allows players to experience the excitement and strategy of No Limit Hold'em without the necessity of a large bankroll. Pot Limit games usually have a maximum buy-in (the number of chips you start with) to keep the game competitive.

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