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History of Playing Cards and PokerPPG's History of Playing Cards and Poker

History of Playing Cards
Let's start from the beginning to when and where playing cards themselves were created. It all started out of 13th Century China. The Mamluk empire took the playing cards and converted to their own with 52 cards. The cards consists of 4 suits, but not the same suits that we see today in playing cards. The suits were swords, polo sticks, goblets, and coins. The cards also contain 13 ranks like the playing cards today, but it was slightly different. The ranks back then was numbers 1 to 10, junior viceroy, senior viceroy, and king.

History of Poker
As the years went by, different card games was formed. In the sixteenth century, the French created their own bluffing game called "Poque", which they brought with them to New Orleans. There its popularity grew and "Poque" soon became known as Poker. During the Civil War, the rules of the game were modified to allow cards to be drawn to improve a player's hand.

Nowaday there is huge variety of poker versions. There's Chinese poker, 3 card poker, Omaha, Caribbean Poker, and many more. Of course the past few years, the biggest and most popular form of poker is Texas Hold Em.

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