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You know You're a Poker Addict JokesYou know You're a Poker Addict Jokes

Take a break from playing poker and enjoy our laugh out loud You know you're a poker addict jokes! ProPokerGuide is constantly adding new poker jokes, so check back often! Heard a good poker joke? Share it with us at our friendly poker discussion forum. If it's good, we'll add it here, and credit you for it.

You know you're a poker addict if...

- You play poker at midnight at a local park with a homeless person sleeping next to you. -MadCool
- You have no chips or small bills and decides to play poker with business cards instead. -MadCool
- You get carpal tunnel syndrome from it. -MadCool
- You play poker everday -reck1ess
- You can't sleep because your reviewing all your plays in ur mind. -reck1ess
- You feel bad when you dont play. -reck1ess
- You dont have any other hobbies except poker. -reck1ess
- You play poker anywhere with anybody, even when you know you going to lose. -reck1ess

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