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Pro Poker is a free popular professional poker information site that is user friendly for people of all skill levels to use and learn. Site content includes everything from poker articles to poker site reviews. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with fellow poker players from around the world through our friendly discussion forum. also helps promote poker related sites by giving them exposure to the millions of people on the Internet. Connecting Poker Players from Around the World., headquartered in Soho, New York, was founded by Ben Li to be a division of the hugely popular MadCool Network. ProPokerGuide was launched on October 11, 2005. PPG's mission is to be a top poker destination for players of all age and skill levels. ProPokerGuide was created with a goal to keep it as user friendly as possible. Site navigation was kept simple, while the site load time is optimized for people who don't have broadband.

Through various partnerships, continues to grow bigger and better with each passing day. Of course, none of this would be here today without the people on the ProPokerGuide team, sponsors, and the feedback and support from loyal visitors.

The ProPokerGuide Team consists of people who has been playing poker for many years and shares the love of poker. Team members and their bio can be found in our friendly poker forum.

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